The Mission at LWDA

Our Mission is to positively impact our community, so that Black Children and Families, as well as Families from various cultural backgrounds, become specialists in critical thinking via a strong academic, historical and culturally astute foundation; utilizing the vehicle of Dance. We will also fortify individuals with accurate Nutritional Research, as part of our Programs, in order to prepare healthful, life-long wellness decision making, through education in Ingredient Literacy and Caloric Balance. We will utilize and employ our over 30 years of Dance acumen, and over 22 years of Teaching proficiency, as well as the core principals rooted in Commandment Keeping, which will directly instill: morality, integrity, respect, accountability, trustworthiness, empathy, logical thinking and fellowship; as well as remarkable and perspicacious technical performing arts qualifications.


Holding Ourselves Accountable

We accomplish our Mission through our unique LWDA Innovative Arts Education© Curriculum, which, over the past 11 years, has gained acclaim across three different States in the U.S., for its effective and top-notch delivery of Cross-Disciplinary Applications of Dance and Academics. We engage in positive collaborative business and School District Partnerships, connect through Guest Artist Workshops, Performance Presentations, Service Learning Projects, and our vigorous Rules Of Healthy Practice© Nutrition Education Program. LWDA is comprised of people who joyfully share their artistic passion, while actively striving to support and improve their communities.

Leah Willis Dance Arts is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Public Benefit Charity.

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